Into the Woods | Macbook Skin

Into the Woods | Macbook Skin

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Personalise your Macbook and carry the good vibes with you everywhere you go. A fun way to make sitting behind a screen a little more colourful! 

  • Includes front, bottom and keyboard skin
  • Made of premium vinyl 
  • Protects Macbook from scratches 
  • Easy to apply and peel off

Removing your skin:

If the skin is cold and has been on for a long period of time, it may leave some residue, BUT, its not the typical residue. It requires no solvent to remove and rubs right off with your fingers. For ease of removal, please use a hair-dryer to heat the material up as you pull. This will loosen the adhesive and help you out during the process. For best results, start at a corner and peel slowly.